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In the tropics, continents have deserts in the western coast
due to:

(a) prevailing winds

(b) oceans

(c) human beings

In the tropics, continents have deserts in the western coast due to: (a) prevailing winds (..

Answer / guest

( a ) prevailing winds

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Who among the following has been selected for the prestigious Saraswati Samman 2003 recently? (a) Kamleshwar (b) Govind Chandra Pandey (c) Balwant Gargi (d) Nirmal Verma

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The ruller who was described as Trisamudrdhipati was (1) Vikramaditya VI (2) Pulikesin I (3) Gautamiputra Satakarni (4) Vinayaditya

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The percentage of glucose present in the normal urine is (a) 0.1% (b) 2% (c) 9.5% (d) 0%

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Which of the following denotes the total number of seats in the Lok Sabha in India for which elections are held? 1 545 2 542 3 550 4 None of these

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in india where ia a mosque with tangle tomb

1 Answers   LG, SREI, TATA,

The Kelkar proposals which were in the news recently were the (a) Recommendations for reforms in the power sector (b) Recommendations for tax reforms (c) Guidelines for the privatization of public sector undertakings (d) Guidelines for reducing vehicular pollution, and the promotion of CNG use

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As per the latest reports, the NPA’s of public sector banks amount to 1 720 Crore 2 54086 Crore 3 7232 Crore 4 4568 Crore

1 Answers   Central Bank of India,

What is acupuncture ? (1) Curing illness by puncturing specified areas of skin with needles (2) It is a modern medicinal science developed in Japan (3) A galvanizing process (4) A Vulcanising process

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The leading lady starring opposite Amitabh Bachchan in the much awaited movie ?Baghbaan? is: (A) Rati Agnihotri (B) Hema Malini (C) Shabana Azmi (D) Jaya Bachchan

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The new name of the Abyssinia is???.. A. Eritrea B. Zaire C. Ethiopia D. Namibia

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The first US President who visited India, was: (a) J.F. Kennedy (b) D. Eisenhower (c) Jimmy Carter (d) George Washington

8 Answers   AFCAT, Earthcon, FGH, Google,

In which state did GSI struck huge reserves of gold ore recently? 1 Gujarat 2 Rajasthan 3 Karnataka 4 Orissa

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