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. Poison glands of snakes are homologous to

(a) Electric organs of fishes

(b) Stings of rays

(c) Sebaceous glands of mammals

(d) Salivary glands of vertebrates

. Poison glands of snakes are homologous to (a) Electric organs of fishes (b) Stings of rays ..

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(d) Salivary glands of vertebrates

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Which one of the following States possesses oil resources based on Geographical location? (a) Kerala (b) Nagaland (c) Assam (d) Meghalaya

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Which Indian Businessman brought back the ?Sword of Tipu Sultan? to India? 1 Kumarmanglam Birlsa 2 Ratan Tata 3 Naveen Jindal 4 Vijay Mallya

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When was the first Five-Year Plan presented to the Parliament? 1 1950 2 1951 3 1952 4 1954

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An eminent Harvard professor, who was residing in India for the last two years, recently decided to move back to the USA and return to his alma mater. Name this famous person: 1 Robert Blackwill, American Ambassador to India 2 Robert Strong, Resident Editor of Reader’s Digest in India 3 John West, President of AT & T in India 4 None of the above

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Who among the following has been unanimously elected the new Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha? (a) Najma Heptulla (b) K. Rahman Khan (c) Eknath Thakur (d) L.M. Singhvi

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The President addresses both the Houses of parliament assembled together (a) During emergency session summoned for the purpose (b) Every session (c) Any session (d) First session after each general election and the first session of each year

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Which of the following States in India is landlocked ? (a) Orissa (b) West Bengal (c) Maharashtra (d) Haryana

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Who of the following Gupta kings granted permission to Meghaverman, the ruler of Sri Lanka to build a Buddist temple at Gaya? 1 Chandragupta I 2 samudragupta 3 Chandragupta II 4 Skandagupta

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In spite of abundant rainfall, India is said to be water thirsty land. Why? (a) Quick evaporation of rain water (b) Rapid run-off of water (c) Due to the concentration rainfall over a few months (d) All of the above mentioned

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How does a lightening conductor protect the buildings? (A) It absorbs the charges released by lightening (B) It helps the charge to pass into the earth without damaging the building (C) It scatters the charge from lightening

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Who is responsible to collect the service tax? (a) Income Tax Department (b) Central Excise Department (c) Commercial Tax Department of the State/UT (d) Postal Department

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