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How vugen create a vuser script?

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You are Performace Engineer and it is bottleneck how will identify it is Database Issue? Any one can justify? send to

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whar r the benfits of Load Controlar?

1 Answers  

how is the market for load runner in Hyderabad?

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What are the four selection methods when choosing data from a data file?

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What is memory Leak. What is the most suitable performance counter to detect Memory Leak.

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What are the advantages of load runner?

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What is the difference between overlay graph and corelated graph?(Chandana)

1 Answers   TCS,

what is the meening of performance cente and what is the need ?

2 Answers   Wipro,

With 1+ years Exp in Lr tool mentiond Roles and Responsbulites ?

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we have Unix monitors in LR by default. if i want Linux and Solaris monitors....what i do.. unix is working for Linux and solaris?

1 Answers   HP,

How is automated correlation configured?

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where we can insert the ANALYSIS RESULTS AND RESPONSE TIMES? any document is using to store this? and sending this document to whoom?

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