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What is the other name of sulphur?

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What is the major advantage of Edman’s reagent?

4 Answers  

what are eicosanoids?name the three subclasses of eicosanoids?

3 Answers   Cipla,

What does hess law states?

0 Answers  

Give the chemical formula for Borax?

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what is the difference between alpha carotene and beta carotene?

1 Answers   Ion Exchange,

Explain what is the primary structure of a protein? What is the importance of the primary structure?

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what is the difference between stereo and optical isomerism?

2 Answers  

What is the difference between pH and pKa?

3 Answers   Astra,

Which are the nucleotides “portions” that bind in the formation of nucleic acids?

0 Answers  

explain henderson-hasselbalch equation?

1 Answers  

what is Signal Recognition Particle?

1 Answers  

what are the structural differences between alpha keratin and collagen?

2 Answers   Biocon,