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Name the State which has recently allowed 97 universities in
private sector to function?

(a) Madhya Pradesh

(b) Jharkhand

(c) Chhattisgarh

(d) Uttar Pradesh

Name the State which has recently allowed 97 universities in private sector to function? (a) Mad..

Answer / js

( c ) Chhattisgarh

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Tripitakas are the sacred works of (A) Christianity (B) Buddhism (C) Jainism (D) Hinduism

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Which one of the following pair is not correct matched? (a) North Central Railway - Allahabad (b) East Central Railway - Hajipur (c) West Central Railway - Jaipur (d) South Western Railway - Bangalore

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The location of A.P. is known as (1) Continental (2) Insular (3) Littoral (4) Peninsular

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In the recent report on annual global corruption index, which country occupied the top ranking (as the least corrupt country)? 1 US 2 Japan 3 Finland 4 New Zealand

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The organ in the body which accumulates iodine is ? a) Pituitary Gland b) Thymus c) Typhoid Gland d) Spleen

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The sky appears blue because of (a) Atmospheric water vapour (b) Scattering of light (c) Reflection on sea water (d) Emission of blue wavelength by the sun

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Which one of the following battles nearly decided the war of succession in favour of Aurangzeb? (a) Battle of Dharmat (b) Battle of Samugarh (c) Battle of Bahadurpur (d) None of the above

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Bombay High is famous for (a) high city (b) having high ways (c) offshore oil exploration (d) high buildings

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The Chief Minister of Karnataka, Mr.Dharam Singh, belongs to which of the following political parties? 1 BJP 2 JD(S) 3 TDP 4 Congress

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Which of the following gives green colour to the leaves of a plant? 1 Plasma 2 Starch 3 Chloroform 4 None of these

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The Silent Valley, which was in the news recently is a part of 1 Mangrove forests 2 Tropical deciduous forests 3 Tropical evergreen forests 4 Alpine forests

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In the financial transaction of the Government, we often hear a term ?Deficit Financing?. Deficit Financing isA) Practised whenever Government expenditure exceeds the receipts from the public.B) That part of the Government expenditure which is met by drawing down the cash balance of the Government held in RBI or in State treasuries.C) That part of the Government expenditure which is required to be compensated by printing new notes/supply of fresh currency notes in the market.Which of these statements is/are correct? (1) Only A (2) Only A & B (3) Only C (4) Only B (5) None of these

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