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More General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions

Which one of the following was not a provision of the Indian Independence Act, 1947 ? (a) India was no more under the British Crown (b) The power of paramountcy of the British over the Indian States was not to lapse (c) The British India was partitioned into two independent dominions, India and Pakistan (d) The Indian States were given the option to join India or Pakistan or to remain independent

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. ‘The Lifeline Express’ is (a) The world’s first hospital on rails operating in India (b) An instrument used for watching the fluctuations in the blood pressure of a patient under general anesthesia (c) A de-addition programme to save drug addicts (d) A popular health magazine founded by Ramnath Goenka

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The meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement?s Business Forum on South-South Co-operation was held in February 2003 in 1 New Delhi 2 Kuala Lumpur 3 Dhaka 4 Singapore

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Washing soda in water behaves 1 Alkaline 2 Acidic 3 Neutral 4 Basic

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The coating of which one of the following metals on iron is termed as ?galvanising?? 1 Zinc 2 Copper 3 Cadmium 4 Tin

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the RBI recently relaxed the prudential norms applicable to non-banking finance companies so that they may also get exposure to 1 Infrastructural loans 2 Housing loans 3 Personal loans 4 Loans for foreign travels

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In 1 minute, how much water is given away by the atmosphere in the fom of precipitation? (a) 1 billion tonne (b) 2 billion tonne (c) 1/2 billion tonne

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In association with which one of the following, Azolla acts as a bio-fertiliser? (A) Fungi (B) Bacteria (C) Green algae (D) Blue-green algae

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Which one of the following is not a qualification of a Member of the Rajya Sabha ? (a) He should be a citizen of India (b) He should be at least thirty-five years of age (c) His name should appear on the list of voters in the State from which he is to be elected to the Rajya Sabha (d) He should not hold any office of profit under the State

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What is the name of the capital of Canada? 1 Canberra 2 Vienna 3 Ottawa 4 Havana

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The quit India call was given in (1) 1942 (2) 1944 (3) 1947 (4) 1857

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