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The different colours of different stars are due to the
variation of

(a) Temperature

(b) Pressure

(c) Density

(d) Radiation from them

The different colours of different stars are due to the variation of (a) Temperature (b) Pres..

Answer / mukherzee

( a ) Temperature

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The abbreviation NPT refers to (a) Nuclear Pollution Treaty (b) Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (c) National Press Trust (d) Nava Sheva Port Trust

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Who is the first Marshal of the Indian Air Force ?

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i m preparing for ssc combined graduate level examination.plz reply for my need

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To which Mantreal Protocol is related ?

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What are causes for inflation ?

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To an astronaut, the outer space appears (a) White (b) Black (c) Deep blue (d) Crimson

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Which planet is farthest from the Sun? (a) Mercury (b) Neptune (c) Pluto (d) Venus

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Which one of the following statements regarding starch and cellulose is not correct? (a) Both of them are of plant origin (b) Both of them are polymers (c) Both of them give colour with iodine (d) Both of them are made up of glucose molecules

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The age of X is 2/3rd that of Y. After 6 years, X will be 46 years old. The present age of Y is (a) 40 years (b) 56 years (c) 60 years (d) 100 years

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The best way in which a bank can avoid loss is to (a) Lend only to individuals known to the bank (b) Accept sound collateral (c) Give only short-term loans (d) Lend only to bank?s old customers

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FERA was changed into FEMA in 1998. What is the abbreviation of FEMA ?

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the final of the sultan afzal shah hockey tournament 2009 was played between

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