An electric bulb has a filament made of

(a) Copper

(b) Iron

(c) Lead

(d) Tungsten

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Answer / samuel krupakar

( d ) Tungsten

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Answer / rajat chopra


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Answer / swathy s


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i am preparing for ssc graduate level exam.please suggest me books for mathematics , general studies ,english for main examination

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Capital output ratio of a commodity measures (a) Its per unit cost of production (b) The amount of capital invested per unit of output (c) The ratio of capital depreciation to quantity of output (d) The ratio of working capital employed to quantity of output

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For oil and gas security, India has invested in production fields abroad. In which of the following production companies do the Indian PSUs hold shares? (a) Saudi Aram Co. (b) Sakhalin-I (c) Petronas (d) Chevron Texa Co.

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2005 has been declared by the United Nations as the Year of (a) Environmental Sciences (b) Working Women (c) World Population (d) Physics

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