An electric bulb has a filament made of

(a) Copper

(b) Iron

(c) Lead

(d) Tungsten

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Answer / samuel krupakar

( d ) Tungsten

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Answer / rajat chopra


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Answer / swathy s


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Joseph?s salary is reduced by 10%. In order to have his salary back to his original amount, it must be raised by (a) 12.5% (b) 11 1/9 % (c) 10% (d) 11%

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A is B?s brother, C is A?s mother, D is C?s father, E is B?s son. How is D related to A ? (a) Son (b) Grandson (c) Grandfather (d) Great Grandfather

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The war criminals of the Second World War were put to trial in (a) Nuremburg (b) Peiter?sburg (c) Gettysburg (d) Peisburg

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Sex ratio refers to the number of women (a) Per sq. km. In relation to the males (b) Per 1,000 males (c) Per state in relation to the males (d) And the number of men in an area

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The abbreviation NPT refers to (a) Nuclear Pollution Treaty (b) Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (c) National Press Trust (d) Nava Sheva Port Trust

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In order to be officially recognized as Leader of the Opposition in Lok Sabha his party should have at least (a) 10 per cent of the total strength of the House (b) 15 per cent of the total strength of the House (c) 20 per cent of the total strength of the House (d) 25 per cent of the total strength of the House

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The natural source of hydrocarbon is (a) Crude oil (b) Biomass (c) Coal (d) Carbohydrates

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Which number is 40% less than 90 ? (a) 36 (b) 54 (c) 50 (d) 60

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in the parliamentary form of government he is the first among equals who is he

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Edward Jenner is associated with (a) Cholera (b) Typhoid (c) Small pox (d) Paralysis

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A moving train passes a platform 50 metres long in 14 seconds and a lamp-post in 10 seconds. The speed of the train is (a) 24 km/hr (b) 36 km/hr (c) 40 km/hr (d) 45 km/hr

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The sales-line ?Owner?s pride, neighbours envy? is related to (a) BPL TV (b) Samsung TV (c) Videocon TV (d) Onida TV

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