Explain the Functions of Nucleus ?

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Explain the Functions of Nucleus ?..

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Nucleus along with protoplasm is responsible for the life of

Its main functions are :-
(1)Nucleus takes direct part in reproduction
(2)When cell division takes place, it is the nucleus that
divide first.
(3)Nucleus is known to be the media through which here
ditary characters are passed from parents to offsprings.

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Explain the Functions of Nucleus ?..

Answer / anjana g

The Genetic matrial chromosome which tranfer parental
characters is stituated in nucleus.

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Explain the Functions of Nucleus ?..

Answer / dharmendrachaturwedi

function of nucleus
genetic materil for responceble
cell division for responceble
doughter cell for responceble
cell body structure action & movement for respenceble
or depended on nucleus in cell body
ex. we dont think without hart in our body

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