Why technical words are used for plants and animal spices ?

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Why technical words are used for plants and animal spices ?..

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The study of science is an international study. It is
impossible to interchange information, if the named ate
different. To make it possible, agreements have been reached
upon by the international Conferences of Botanists and
Zoologists to use Latin names of the plants and animals

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Why technical words are used for plants and animal spices ?..

Answer / anjana g

In early time it is very difficult for scientists to
identify the name of an organism because different animals
or plants have same name in different locality or one
organism have different name.To avoid this problem they
create a naming rules that is every species have scientific
name is unique.In biology binomial nomenclature is the
formal system of naming specific species.In this system
each species must be in Latin and has two part.The first
part is generic name which is always started with capital
letter.The second part is species name which never be in
capital letter and are usually in italics.

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