complete the series: a c f j o __

complete the series: a c f j o __..

Answer / swasthi s


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Eon asked 60 students whether they listen to two popular radio stations, WROK and WRAP. He found that 23 listen to WROK, 18 listen to WRAP, and 8 listen to both. How many students in Robert's survey listen to a) WROK but not WRAP b) WRAP but not WROK c) neither WROK nor WRAP

0 Answers   CSC,

5 women given some of their heights(tall,medium,short)Hair( long, plainted),stards(Black or Brown), sari,2 medium,2-short.Tall-no sari.Plainted-medium.Answer the combinations.

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The second was given two nodes of a binary tree find the closest ancestor of the two nodes.

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A grosser purchased 80kg of rice at Rs.13.50 per kg and mixed it with 120kg rice at Rs 16 per kg.At what rate per kg should he sell the mixture to gain 16% ?

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8)if there r four balls Red blue green and yellow in four boxes Red blue green and yellow not definetly in the same order. If the blue box has the red ball and the yellow the green then find out what is there in red box??

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Scientific publishing aptitude interview question

0 Answers   Scientific Publishing Services,

hi, i have filled up the EPFO exam form i m bsc chemsitry graduate so can any1 guide me wat all questions will be asked in office work aptitue??? so thati can do my preparation in exam???

6 Answers   Vodafone,

where are the famous elephanta caves?

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sir how should i prepare for andhra bank clerical post examination?(i mean which book i've to follw & how)

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Frank is 15 years younger then John. In 5 years John will be twice as old as Frank. How old will Frank be in four years?

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If you could remove any of the 50 states, which state would it be and why?

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One rectangular plate with lenght 8 inches, breadth 11inches and 2 inches thickness is there. What is the length of the circular rod with diameter 8 inches and equal to volume of rectangular plate?

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