What are code pages ?

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Could you please provide oca (oracle 10g) dumps for my certification ?

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write a qurey for finding the length of the sting.

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what is switch column,colums cost in oracle?

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What action do you have to perform before retrieving data from the next result set of a stored procedure ?

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How we get all_group_function's(Sum,avg,count,max and min_value of a column(Sal) Using pl/sql anonymous block, with out using group function's. You shouldn't use more than one select statement in entire the program. Like cursor c is select * from <table_name>; except this you can't use another select statement. You can use no of variables as per requirement.

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Types of joins ?

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table name: prod there are three fields in the table that are 1.proddate 2.prodQty 3.model Day wise prodQty is stored in the table prod write a query to display total prodqty in the year 2004 april.

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I want to display the employees who have joined in last two months. (It should be executed randomly means If I execute the query in March it should display Jan and Feb joined employees. Same query if i execute in Feb, 2007 it should display dec, 2006 and jan 2007 joined employees.

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what is the output of this query selet * from employee where 1=2 ??

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How to get employee name from employee table which is the fiveth highest salary of the table

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How would you hide a table in sql. ie the table can be only visible to its maker?

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how to create a database in oracle?

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