Sold goods to Gasha 600 by cash

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What is the rate of penalty charged when the given Vat Cheque dishonoured?

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formula of reduction in tax credit of vat form 201(gujarat)

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what is sox?

4 Answers   Accenture,

Purpose for maintained RG 23a Part II & RG 23c PArt II? give brief discussion....

2 Answers   TCS,

how many types of errors are there

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in tally software, how is the entry for stock brought by owner in to the business as capital?

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what will be the tratment if company is going to buy a new plant/office . pls tell me how i consider all this transction in tally ex. advance given to party , ragistration exp, stamp duty paid, finel payment made etc.

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a buyer,purchases a for rs100, b for rs80, c for rs60 and mixed in ratio of 3:4:5 and sells @ 50% profit what wil be d price?

12 Answers   TCS,

1. Why do wish to study in canada in the program for which you have been accepted? 2. What is your overall education goal? 3. Why are you pursuing a similar program in your country of residence/citizenship? 4. What research have you done into studies in your country of residence/citizenship? 5. How will this program enchance your employment opportunities in your country of residence? please send me all possible answer i hope your answer will help me a lot...

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what is demerger?

3 Answers  

usualy what they are expecting source of knowledge while in interview

2 Answers   MAHINDRA,

We had purchased 100 Electrodes @ Rs 20/- Each. After a year we found 2 Electrodes is missing by physical Count. My Question is what journal entry should we passed against missing of 2 electrodes.

3 Answers   IBM,