Sold goods to Gasha 600 by cash

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my interview is on tuesday so i just want to know everything about the interview like which type of question they will ask me as i completed . please helm me plz plz

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how to do asset appreciation in sap?

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What is the difference between CASH FLOW and FUND FLOW?

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What is book Pfofit ?

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What is Use of Reversing Journal(F10)& Optional Voucher(Ctrl+L) in Tally erp9?

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Sir i want to ask that if the salary above 6500/- than also pf deduct.

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Whether we add or not the Insurance policy premium of vehicle in asset value?

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purchasing of software more than Rs.8000/- will be treated as expense or assets

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i dont know to calculate sales tax. how to calculate sale tax and what are basic procedure to calculation sale tax. i want basic procedure. any to know calculation of sales tax please send my mail. my id:

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c form 1st qtr 2013-2014 issued th.on line start from which date

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During the Interview in a Company the Interviewer asked me that Why the Depreciation Rate as per Income Tax Act & Companies Tax Act differs, please answer this quetion ?

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what is the process of correcting the balance sheet of the company?if the balance of balance sheet are not equal.

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