There are two lights one is green another one is red. green blinks 2 times per a minute, red blinks 3 times per 2 minutes. If two lights are start at same time how many time they blink together in 1 hours.

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Answer / anand


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Answer / harsha

first light flash twice in a minute...4 times in 2 minutes..
starts at 0 and flashes at 30 60 90 120 ..seconds
second light thrice in 2 minutes..
starts at 0 and flashes at 40 80 120..seconds
2 lights flash coincides one time in 2 minutes (at 120th second)
therefore ..for 60 minutes ,2 lights flash coincides 30 times..

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Answer / muskan


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Answer / vpkprasana

for a hour 60 min
for green 60x2=120
red =60x3=180
so 12+180=300

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