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differences between liabilities and assessts

differences between liabilities and assessts..

Answer / k.r

Asset : Which we own

Liabilities : Which have to pay.

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whether sale and purhases of cf agent are his and he is liablte to pay VAT on sale of goods and pay the tax to govt collected by him one more being receiving commission of saleproceed during the year whose stock would be it it is of c f agent or principal manufctrurer who has send the goods to sold on his behalf

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what would be the journal entry for outstanding salary of 15000 paid by advance salary of 25000??

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What is the procedure of submit bank guarantees and cancellation.

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A factory uses annually 24,000 units of a raw material which costs Rs. 1.25 per unit. Placing each order costs Rs. 25 and carrying cost is 6% per year of the average inventory. (a) Find the economic order quantity and the total inventory cost including the cost of material.

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Do you think accounting standards are mandatory and why?

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where does petty cash to cash entry go in tally

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simple meaning of debit and credit...?

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Can share warrants issued by the company be considered as potential equity shares? If yes, then will it be considered for calculating dilutive EPS?

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