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value momentum

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What is a code walk through?

0 Answers  

Who is the father of software testing?

2 Answers  

Write the function test case to add a customer to database.

0 Answers   Chase,

As a tester you are found a bug and you assigned dat bug to the correspondent developer.Then the developer not ready to accept that as a bug.what will you do?

1 Answers   ESW Consulting,

what we do when our reported defect reject?

6 Answers  

In an Text Box Expected Value is 'icici' where as actual value came up is 'icci'. Now in the Bug Report How will u rate the severity and Priority?

15 Answers   Vyons Labs,

One Project is developed on VB+Access it is working properly they are planning to change with backend Oracle . What type of testcases we can write?

3 Answers   ADP,

Unit Testing can be done by using Nunit?

0 Answers   QuestPond,

anyone can explain about Sanity testing and smoke testing and who will involved on sanity and smoke testing

4 Answers  

1.what is test scenario? if possible give me some documents? 2.what's the difference between test scenario and frs?

3 Answers  

Which was the most interesting bug you found.

0 Answers  

For a functionality we have 20 test cases, among 20 testcases 15 of them are Passed and 5 Failed. How will you report to your Manager ? Does the functionality passed or failed or partial passed/failed ??

1 Answers   IBS,