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lo !
i hav cleard the written examination of ASI(CISF)
can anyone tell me how tuff is the PET and what is the dress code for female candidates. Did i need extra qualifications. What are the general eligibility to clear this pet. Did i go along with any certificate

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Let me know, in what sequence CHSL exam should be answered so that maximum no. of questions / marks can be attended, scored by a candidate.

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ssc cgl tier2 answer key for maths

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What would be the probable starting take home salary for tax assistants in Kolkata and Bhubaneswar Central Excise?

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can any one send me the answer key to recentle held SSC tax assistant 2009 exam on my mail id?

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how you organize marriage of cousin sister with the help of friends if the uncle makes the money available ??

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i got 210 in cgl-2011, exservicemen category is thereany chance for job in non interview posts

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Hi, I got selected in the CBEC as tax assistant in the tax assistant exam 2009. My rank is 128. They sent me a letter telling me that my document has been sent to the concerned ministry. Now all my queries should be asked to that dept. Can anybody tell me the what to do now? Besides with my Rank, where can i be posted? I am from Kolkata.

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Answer key Combined Graduate level-2010 Tier-I (IInd shift general awareness)

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I want to know also what are the promotion scope of tax assistant in cbdt?Wheater there is any scope of promotion on seniority basis or through departmental exam only. Please provide the promotion table of this post.

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Please I need Past Questions & Answers for SCC English Language,Mathematics & Numerical Aptitude Test.

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SSC CGL TIER-II Written Qualified candidates report here ???

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Who has taken over as Chief Election Commissioner after the retirement of Shri N. Gopalaswami

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