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What is VAT & how much vat percentage?

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What is VAT & how much vat percentage?..

Answer / raghu.v

Value added Tax .it is indirect tax collected by State Govt..VAT is levied on goods at the time trading.VAT rate depends on goods.

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What is VAT & how much vat percentage?..

Answer / dattaram laxman chavan

the goods which is include the tax i e VAT (value added tax)
percentage of tax is depend on the category of the products which is fixed by the department of the sales tax

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What is VAT & how much vat percentage?..

Answer / sujal koirala

VAT is value added tax. It is according to the rule of the government or specific organization.

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What is VAT & how much vat percentage?..

Answer / sukanya

vat percentage is 5.5% and 14.5%

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