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Calculate Income Ta X On Nett Income Of Rs 365520 For
Men,women And Senior Citizen For The Assessment Years 2009-
10 And 2010-11?

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What is the difference between Personal account, Real Accounts and Nominal account?

2 Answers   Adani,

why closing balance do not come in trial balance?if it is in which case it comes?

5 Answers   HDFC,

A business unit disposes an old asset at a rate higher than its written down value. Then how it will be recorded and under what head of income

1 Answers  

What is split shares.....

7 Answers   FactSet Systems,

What is the meaning of capital profite and capital reciet? both are same or any different are there?

5 Answers   Capital IQ,

explain the matching concept and what is the deffered revenue expendiature and how it related into matching concept.

1 Answers  

What are the accounting conventions and Practices?

0 Answers  

can a real account shows a credit balance

3 Answers   Airtel, Bajaj,

why should the company give first perference to the perference shareholders?

0 Answers  

why funds management doc is generated during migo and miro

0 Answers  

what is tds rate 2009-10 for 2.commission 3.advertisement

3 Answers  

What are the source of gaining long-term funds???? What are the limitations of gaining long-term funds???

2 Answers