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what view do you have towards the govt reservation policy, do you think it should be given on what criteria ? do you think reservation policy is an effective tool ?

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how many ssbs you have faced why u unable to get through?

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If you going to Industrial Visit tour to the nearby Industry. Suddenly you coordinator got accident, how you will arrange the tour and make it successful one

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As a msc math how are you better then other graduates in a soldiers roles?

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why do u want to join armed forces?

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how to find dimensions of the room ?

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why train accidents occur ??

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in case your mother is just house wife how much educated she is ? why she is not working ? what is her routine of the whole day ?

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how you decrease overconfident & laziness ??

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who are better friends according to you-girls or boys?

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organize a debate will if trophy not reach on day of final

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How do you think your professors & Teachers would describe you if we talk to them about you?

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Have you ever had a conflict with the boss or professor? How did you resolve it?

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