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why do you want to join army?

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why do you want to join army? ..

Answer / keshav dhanwal

bein a part of indian defence would realise the true
feeling of proud. life of army is advanturous, full of
glory and enthuasiasm. that's why i want to jion the indian

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why do you want to join army? ..

Answer / ravi ranjan

I want to join the indian army because being an indian
officer it will make me understand the real values and the
duty of an army men how,that is,how to serve our country at
its best by devoting myself honestly with my qualities of
my knowledge,intelligence,patience,leadership quality and
ability to work under groups.
Being an army men i will feel proud to work for nation's
pride and will try to contribute to my technical and non-
technical knowledge....
Working with indian army will not only provide me the
experience the real duty of a citizen serving for the
country and even sacrifice everything for his/her to make
uor country fell proud among other nations..

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why do you want to join army? ..

Answer / harsha

to be frank it gives us a challenging a career which
satisfies my personal interest besides the pride f serving
the nation.
one who cannot satisfy his personal interest cannot serve
the interest of nation.just think

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why do you want to join army? ..

Answer / flanker

1.since my father being in forces, right from my childhood
i always wanted to join the armed forces ,
Now i want to continue from where my father has left , it
wil give me emense satisfaction in doing this job

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why do you want to join army? ..

Answer / shashank tiwari

I want to join armed forces because i am passionate about armed forces. This is the only thing. Yes i couldn't clear NDA or CDS and even several SSBs but my failures doesn't decide my passion. It is my passion because i am not going to quit until i earn it. I like uniforms. My father is also a defence personnel and when i see him in uniform i get so energetic that even at morning 4 AM i can do all the things like i do in mid day. I believe i will be at my best if i get a chance to serve in armed forces along with constant development by grabbing all the opportunities which i will get while serving in armed forces if i get chance to serve.

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why do you want to join army? ..

Answer / rakesh monga

Never Bluff to Officer,never say i want to server nation ,i
feel proud after wearing uniform etc because it means d
civilian is not serving to nation every individual in this
nation is working 4 country directly or indirectly.the best
answer is
The life in armed force is full of adventurous
Pay n privileges are also nice.
There is great chance to have study n sports

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why do you want to join army? ..

Answer / sabjeetsingh

A defense officer is the one who's life is full of adventure
besides dignity and respect in the society. He remains fit
throughout his life by doing various activities, playing lot
of sports. Also gets a great pay and perks and also can
study further to accomplish his study goals.

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why do you want to join army? ..

Answer / mohit singh

sir i want to join armed forces because it provides me a
unique path by which i can do lots of thing for my nation
and my peoples . and being an army person i fell proud to
work for nation. after 10th i did ncc there my taem and me
take part in so many social awareness program . i got really
inspired for serve my country . thats why i want to join
armed forces

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why do you want to join army? ..

Answer / deependra singh shekhawat

I want to Join army because i don't think so that any other
job will give me an opportunity to face adventours task in my
life. so army is full of that . and if i join any other job
then where i will be with few of coleagues and table task but
in army i can mingle with many person from different part of
our country , i will be able to acquire different culture,
knowladge. here i will found lots of people to interact with
them , also can enjoy various part of india. army will give
me an opportunity to serve the nation . i would have a chance
that i will feel proud to be an indian army officer.

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why do you want to join army? ..

Answer / lovely

Job satisfaction
Job security
Professional advancement
Economic stability
Excellent social status
Quality of life
Professional enhancement
Various training programmes
Variety and adventure

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