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How do you think you could make a contribution to the airforce??howwould you change the airforce??

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Where do you find yourself after (five or) ten years?

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in case your mother is just house wife how much educated she is ? why she is not working ? what is her routine of the whole day ?

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how to talk on interview in one persion

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why to join indian army

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What special preparation you have done this time to ensure success?

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how to find dimensions of the room ?

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what is clr?

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Why don’t you smoke when your friends smoke and drink?

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what all other activities you did and what benefit you enjoyed of such activities your special achievement in details? Relate your experience and difficulties faced ?

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how did you come to the conclusion that you want to join the forces.

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your adventure activities when where how long what are your experience,how have you recorded ?

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Considering the recent mishaps in Navy, if your parents don’t allow you to join Navy how will you convince them?

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