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if you were required to organise a team and execute the mountain climbing task,where would you like to be ? and why what all the activities you would take responsibility ?

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how do you plan any event ? such as preparing for a competitive examination

0 Answers   SSB,

Have you ever had a conflict with the boss or professor? How did you resolve it?

0 Answers  

what do you think about your self?

7 Answers   CDS,

why u did not selected ncc in school"???

0 Answers   BPO, SSB,

how you decrease overconfident & laziness ??

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who are better friends according to you-girls or boys? if boy than why boys not girl?? & if girl than why girls not boy ??

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how do you feel if you are not selected in this armed forces selections?

5 Answers  

if i m in front of interviewing officer nd he has given me a situation but actully but i m nt in state of giving any answer then what i*d do at that time?

25 Answers   SSB,

How do you perform under pressure ??

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in case you browse web what all you browse,details of different websites and if you browse the banned sites why ? why not ?

0 Answers   SSB,

why do u want to join armed forces?

18 Answers   Air Force, Indian Air Force, Indian Army, SSB, UES,

your saddest moment of life?

27 Answers   SSB,