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Maximizing Lambda Phage Growth really Inhibits Lysogeny?

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What are strange glycerol stocks ?

1 Answers  

What are the three major challenges facing microbiology today?

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Explain the Plasmid DNA Purification ?

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Why we are maintaining the autoclave temperature at 121degree centigrade and pressure at 15lbs? Why we are not maintaining the temperature and pressure above or below 121degree centigrade and 15lbs? higher temperature also kills microbes. then why we are not maintaining it above 121degree? what is the reason?

4 Answers   Biocon,

How would you feel about working with pathogens and carcinogens?

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How to detect AHL signal?

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How will you convert a 6 Normal solution to 8 N soloution?

3 Answers  

Which enzyme are retroviruses equiped with that allows them to transcribe DNA from an RNA template?

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For which nematode problem would you suggest use of a genetically resistant cultivar and why?

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which is the main source of iodine

4 Answers  

Why did you decide to study microbiology? What do you like about it?

0 Answers   Pharmed Medicare,

What is acid-alcohol decolourizer?

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