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In "V" model, how OQ is related to DS.

In "V" model, how OQ is related to DS...

Answer / no nid


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When a non-conformance is noted during these "reviews", what happens next?

0 Answers  

can you provide negative scenarios for ios alarm clock

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Adhoc testing is done ?(a)without proper testplan and without proper test cases (b)without proper testplan and with proper testcases (c)Both a & b (d) none of the above ? PLZ explain....Thanks in ADVANCE

4 Answers   Logica CMG,

In testing what is the flow of testing AUT, like what test is to performed first and second test and soon Can Anyone list the sequence of testing

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1) What r the properties, Advantages & Disadvantages of each types of action? 2)When I can use this?

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Web 2.0 Style Software Testing Management System- any suggestions?

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In the Test Plan,Features to be tested and Features not to be tested are there.Can u explain these in Detail?

3 Answers   Wipro,

If we don't caught any bug in all build, then what we can say - 1. Bad Coverage 2. Excellent Coding 3. Bad Testing

5 Answers  

What is the difference between quality assurance and software testing?

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Is there Any Automation tool Which supports IE6,IE7,IE8 and Mozilla and OPera

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whatis the diff. between Tracebility matrix and Bidirectional Tracebility matrix?

2 Answers   AZTEC,

I have to write a User Story for a customer withdrawing cash out of an ATM. Can you send me some examples PLEASE. I appreciate your assistance.

0 Answers   Bond Inco,