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Why did you choose math ??

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who are better friends according to you-girls or boys? if boy than why boys not girl?? & if girl than why girls not boy ??

0 Answers   SSB,

what motivates you to do your best on the job ??

0 Answers   SSB,

how to check somebody's honesty?

0 Answers  

why you like border movie

1 Answers   SSB,

What motivates you / or what do you think drives you? Or what is your passion in life?

0 Answers  

how would you say that you are self-confidence

0 Answers   SSB,

did you ever steal? If so when and why ?relate the full instance ?

0 Answers   SSB,

what all other activities you did and what benefit you enjoyed of such activities your special achievement in details? Relate your experience and difficulties faced ?

0 Answers   SSB,

what do you think about your self?

7 Answers   CDS,

what is your view about moral values

0 Answers   SSB,

Considering the recent mishaps in Navy, if your parents don’t allow you to join Navy how will you convince them?

0 Answers   SSB,

tell me about ur stay ?

7 Answers   AFCAT, SSB,