What are the constitutions of the cell wall of chlorella
pyrenoidosa ?

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what are satellite colonies?

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Give an account of Organic sulphur oxidizing bacteria ?

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why microbiology failed to experience a period of growth after the reports of Leeuwenhoek?

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Explain about sacB gene - levan toxicity to gram-negative bacteria?

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Hepatitis virus belongs to which family?

3 Answers   Biological.e.limited,

What is the Problem in Testing Antibiotic Sensitivity of Clumping Bacteria?

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What is the Transposon for STM ?

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Describe the 'avian disease'?

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What is babesiosis?

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Give an account of removal of and microscopic visualization of extracellular matrix?

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why OD measurement for bacteria should be under 60 ?

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how to do dry heat sterilizer validation?

1 Answers   Reddy Labs,