hi.what is exactly mean by real time frame work? every institute teach Framework is nothing but having 6 to 7 folders..and save repositories functions keywords and scripts? this is enough or not? can we beleive?

hi.what is exactly mean by real time frame work? every institute teach Framework is nothing but havi..

Answer / ramchandra


a. Framework is a set of guidelines or it defines some
rules to automate the application by which it makes easy to
use to end user.
b. In framework we apply some standards.
c. Framework and the size of farmework can be differ from
company to company as per clients requirements and as per
the type of the application.
d. Framework will have some folder structure where we keep
all the resources like OR, QFL and VBS files, excell
sheets, XML and results.

Hi All please let me know if I am wrong with better answer
or it would be great if u add some points if I missed.



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