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there are 3 door in a closed room.Behind two door there is
beast and behind one is a beauty. and you know that one of the
door which contain beast.Now find the maximum chance of you
win ie getting the beauty.

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there are 3 door in a closed room.Behind two door there is beast and behind one is a beauty. and y..

Answer / sohaib zaman

one of the door is the one from which he came inside and he knew that beast was not definitely thats the door with beauty.

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there are 3 door in a closed room.Behind two door there is beast and behind one is a beauty. and y..

Answer / iman.k.sarkar

if i know one door with the beast then the probability of
getting the beauty increases from 33% to 50%. now since the
question asks about the maximum chance hence by swapping the
door(from the initial choice) the chance increases from 50%
to 66% and the probability of getting the beast is 33%.

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