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what is mean by form no 8B which purpose it will use ...???

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Which employment background do you have?

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which artical of constitution provides provision for amendment.

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what is the full form of nalsar?

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How are the Superior Courts structured?

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We are registered under Service Tax commission & installation, Can we taken credit of service tax for expenses like Telephone, traveling, clearing & forwarding?

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what is penalty late deposited service tax

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what is the full form of poto, tada, and gujkok

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in case death of employ gratuity recieved by its legal hiers . so wht will b its treatment from income tax point of view in the hannd of diceased (employe) and the legal hier?

1 Answers   Vardhman,

What are the for and against arguments for bicycle helmets?

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When will the Supreme Court release a particular ruling?

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Hi I am Paranita, I am holding H1B visa from 15-Jan-2012 and valid for next 3 years. I have applied the visa through my a MNC from india and they commited to send me with in few days after visa approved but it is already 6 months still nothing has been materialised and no idea when there will be any USA travel processing. My question, is it advisable to leave the company and change a new one in india, and again whether the visa will valid if i will change the company and in future if i will get any project to work from USA with this visa.

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in which condition EPF is compulsary to pay epf office in employee account ? and 2nd question if any employee working with in semi skilled category and after two month he will leaves his work or duty in this condition PF is compulsary to deposit in his account ? Reply

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