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Trunc = 20
Round= 30


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25.67,-1 Trunc = 20 Round= 30 HOW????..

Answer / chandu

select trunc(25.67,-1),round(30) from dual;

TRUNC(25.67,-1) ROUND(30)
--------------- ----------
20 30

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25.67,-1 Trunc = 20 Round= 30 HOW????..

Answer / gaurav

The TRUNC (n1, n2) function returns n1 truncated to n2 decimal places. If n2 is omitted, then n1 is truncated to 0 places. n2 can be negative to truncate (make zero) n2 digits left of the decimal point.

if you do it -2. answer will be zero in this case.

similar thing goes for round.It will become zero.

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