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Is ms sql traffic encrypted?

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Is sqlexception checked or unchecked?

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How to fix oracle error ora-00942: table or view does not exist

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what are the differences between public, private, protected, static, transient, final and volatile? : Sql dba

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What is sql engine in oracle?

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what is the maximum length of a table name, database name, and fieldname in mysql? : Sql dba

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What is cursor explain with example?

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What is sql deadlock?

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source destination distance chennai bangalore 500 bangalore chennai 500 hyd delhi 1000 delhi hyd 1000 bangalore hyd 800 Here chennai to bangalore and bangalore to chennai is same distance. and hyd and delhi also same criteria. Based on the distance i want to display only one row using sql query?

4 Answers   JPMorgan Chase,

What is the use of function "module procedure" in pl/sql?

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There is a table, In one column it has implemented a index, but the index is disturbed by the regular dml statements.. but still we need to keep the index. how it is possible?

1 Answers   Cognizant,

How toimport .dmp file in lower version of oracle from higher version ?

4 Answers   TCS,

What is the difference between rename and alias?

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