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what is the difference between binary_integer and

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what is the difference between binary_integer and pls_integer..

Answer /

Both binary_integer and pls_integer are almost same at front
end, however internal working logic are different. Both are
signed integer. For better performance, use pls_integer as
it uses machine arithmatic whereas binary_integer uses
library arithmatic. Other than this, if calculation
overflows the in pls_integer, it throws exception but
binary_integer does not.

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what is the difference between binary_integer and pls_integer..

Answer / l. meher

The difference is :

PLS_INTEGER and BINARY_INTEGER have the same magnitude
range, they are not fully compatible. When a PLS_INTEGER
calculation overflows, an exception is raised. However,
when a BINARY_INTEGER calculation overflows, no exception
is raised if the result is assigned to a NUMBER variable.

Also, PLS_INTEGER operations use machine arithmetic, so
they are faster than NUMBER and BINARY_INTEGER operations,
which use library arithmetic.

In new applications, always use PLS_INTEGER for better

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