If we write a scipt for login page and we click submit button
then it moves to order page ... How we can validate once we
click the submit button it opens wether order page or not

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How do you analyze results after playback?

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How Do I run my RFT scripts through RQM(rational quality manager)can anyone explain me in the details giving examples. Also, I wanna to integrate RQM with RFT how to do that?

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What kind of problems are solved by Datapools?

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What is the purpose of the wait state?

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Hi this is chandra if any one have Navigation of LAB RATIONAL ROBOT I want Navigation of those tools, if any one have the and know the Navigation each and every part of the Rational Robot and plz send me my mail naruboinac@yahoo. com,naruboinas@ gmail.com

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What do you mean by data driven testing? a. Testing using Data Drivers. b. Testing using Excel Sheets c. Testing using Executables. d. Testing using Command Line Parameters

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Explain the planning and creating datapool with an example?

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