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What is the purpose of .sbl, .sbh, .rec files?

What is the purpose of .sbl, .sbh, .rec files?..

Answer / pavan kishore. m.m.v

These are related to Rational Robot SQA scripting.

These are the file extention in it.

.Rec files are regular GUI test scripts.

.Sbl files are used to store user defined functions and
procedures and its a library file extention.

.sbh files are used to store script header functions and
procedures and its a header file extention.

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Initially Recorded: 7/31/00 2:33:02 PM Script Name: COSC 198 Exam Script Sub Main Sets the delay between execution lines to the default value SetTime 100 This Dimensions an integer variable for use in this script Dim Result As Integer StartApplication "notepad" 'This sets the window context to the Notepad window Window SetContext, "Caption={* - Notepad}", "" 'Test Case to verify the text is correct Result = EditBoxVP (CompareText, "ObjectIndex=1", "VP=Text Verification;Type=CaseSensitive") Observe the code mentioned and answer the below questions 1. Which language it is :- a. SQA Basic b. VB c. C like Language d. TSL 2. Type of the script is ---------- a. VU b. VB c. GUI d. C 3. Explain what the above line ( StartApplication "notepad" ) actually does? a) It starts the notepad application. b) We do not have to open it from the start menu, c) it is opened itself from the robot by using the start application by providing the path to it. 4. Which Verification point is inserted? Result = EditBoxVP (CompareText, "ObjectIndex=1", "VP=Text Verification;Type=CaseSensitive") a. Alphanumeric b. Object Properties c. Window Image d. Object Data

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