how to draw a rectangle using 3 lines?

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Answer / sahana

by taking(considering) basement of paper(sheet) as a single
we can draw a rectangle

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Answer / jessica

Start with a normal page of paper. Use part of the top edge of the paper as 1 of the 4 required lines in a rectangle. For your first two of the three lines you use, draw two identical, parallel lines coming from the top edge of the paper. Finally, draw a line to connect the bottom of the two existing lines. You have drawn a square with three lines. If this is quite confusing, think of it as matchsticks. On the floor, arrange the 3 sticks in a right-angled 'U' shape. Put the two points of the U against the wall to create a square/rectangle area inside the matchsticks and wall.

Obviously, it isn't possible to do this without twisting the rules slightly.
I made this up entirely by myself.

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Answer / bhargav kandru

draw three overlapped lines, three lines one above the other. So you finally see only one straight line say of length 'l' . Now its a rectangle.Logic is simple as every straight line of any length say "l" is a rectangle with length 'l' and breadth "0". So you got a rectangle of area 0 with length l and breadth=0.

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Answer / niveditha


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Answer / mohammed imran

take a piece of paper.. cut it into a square drawing 3 lines in any of the 3 sides we get a RECTANGLE

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Answer / pramila raj

Take a sheet of paper draw two parallel line from one end of the paper to another,now fold the paper such that both end of paper touches each other now draw third line on this touching part of paper open it and you will get your rectangle.

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Answer / sravani

if all 3 lines are joined straight line is a thin rectangular
in shape

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Answer / ajit

Take a sheet of paper draw two parallel line from one end of the paper to another,now fold the paper such that both end of paper touches each other now draw third line on this touching part of paper open it and you will get your rectangle... 

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