What is a function to capture dynamic values in the web
vuser script?

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Answer / mahesh sv

Web_reg_save_param function saves dynamic data information
to a parameter.

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Answer / balaji

The following function is used for capturing dynamic values
in web Vuser script :

web_reg_save_param (const char *ParamName, <List of
Attributes>, LAST);

web_reg_save_param ("Param Name","LB","RB",..., LAST);

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Answer / subhashini

The function to capture dynamic values is:

("pagesource", "LB/IC=", "RB/IC=", "ORD=1", LAST);

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Answer / subhashini

The function to capture dynamic values is:

("pagesource", "LB/IC=", "RB/IC=", "ORD=1", LAST);

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Answer / b.g.umasankar

web_reg_save_param() funcion is used for capturing dyunamic
values. in this function depending on the situation we wil
use different arguments. commonly used arguments are
parameter name,leftboundary(LB=),right
after tat if the boundaries r dynamically changing then we
can use text flags,savelen,saveoffset.
text flags are nothing but ALNUM,DIG

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