Analysis Scenario (Bottlenecks):?

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Analysis Scenario (Bottlenecks):?..

Answer / mahesh sv

In Running Vuser graph correlated with the response time
graph you can see that as the number of Vusers increases,
the average response time of the check itinerary transaction
very gradually increases. In other words, the average
response time steadily increases as the load

increases. At 56 Vusers, there is a sudden, sharp increase
in the average response

time. We say that the test broke the server. That is the
mean time before failure (MTBF). The response time clearly
began to degrade when there were more than 56 Vusers running

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Analysis Scenario (Bottlenecks):?..

Answer / muthu

Whenever we got sudden increasing the graph we found this
is a bottleneck. But it shows either Database Server or
application Server or Network server.

We have to check with Running Vuser and find that is a

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