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What is the transfer system/policy for the auditor/senior
auditor who got appointment as auditor in CGDA through SGLE 2011

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plz,any body inform me,what kind of question will be set from the newly arithmetic syllabus added particully graph of equation,cohgruence &similarity of trangle

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I want to know about transfer policies of a DEO in CAG. Is a zonal transfer is possible in DEO. If a person selected in SOUTH ZONE and wants to get transfer in NORTH ZONE then how can this possible. Secondly, If a person got selected in eg. NORTH ZONE then whether he or she get transfer from one state to other in same zone.

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Sir, I am planning to write combined grad level exam which is to be held on 16th may...... so is it enough to study pratiyogita darpan, march and april issue or i need to read from jan 2010 issue......... pls help me .......waiting for your reply to proceed further...........

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Who is the author of 'White Tiger'?

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What is Khetri in Rajasthan famous for

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How much cut off mark of ssc cpo out off 200

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Kindly reply whether May I get my posting of tax assistant in cbdt in wb as my wb rank is 31 and all india rank is 184? When may I expect joining?I am selected on the basis of cgle 2010.Thanks in advance.

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Hi guys.I took Assistant Central Intelligence Officer (ACIO) for Intelligence Bureau (IB) few months back..I've confidence that I'll clear the exam.I need to know about the interview.Please help me with this..I donno wt kind of stuffs to be prepared..One main Question is can Assistant Central Intelligence Officer be promoted to ips cadre?pls help me...

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i am an ex serviceman candidate with total 356 marks in SSC CGL 2011 what are my chances

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In India FERA has been replaced by

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Can someone please tell me about the work of central secretariat services ? What are the positive and negative features of this job as compared to others?

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