What is the difference between system integration testing and end-to-end testing? With examples pls

What is the difference between system integration testing and end-to-end testing? With examples pls..

Answer / ajit singh

System Integration testing is to ensure that software modules functionally correct after integration.
So let's say you're developing a system A (e.g., online shop) that interacts with external (i.e., not under your control) system B (e.g., PayPal).

Testing whole system A you may verify whether it does what is was requested to, e.g., you are able to select and order a product (system A tests). You may also focus on integration problems here, e.g., because system A integrates backend with frontend (UI). For instance, how frontend behaves when backend is down or backend response is delayed?

Testing A integrated with B you may focus on different problems. You may verify whether after ordering a product money were transferred from your PayPal account to shop account (functionality). This is system C tests. You may also check what will happen when your online shop does not pass (optional) description in payment request to PayPal (more about integration). I would call this system C integration tests.

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