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Display the time of the system and display the right time
of the other country

Display the time of the system and display the right time of the other country..

Answer / ln007

Program to read the current date and time
struct tm *k;
unsigned long int t;
int h,m,s;
int dd,mm,yy;
t = time(0);
k = localtime(&t);
h = k->tm_hour;
m = k->tm_min;
s = k->tm_sec;
dd = k->tm_mday;
mm = k->tm_mon+1;
yy = k->tm_year+1900;
printf("Time : %d : %d : %d\n",h,m,s);
printf("Date : %d : %d : %d\n",dd,mm,yy);

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