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Answer / jabeer

who stands with us in every situation that makes us
happiness or sadness

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Answer / misha

my best friend name is harun.he belongs to nabha
district.he comes of a very respected family..he has a
very cheerful nature he has been with me from 7 months, he
is very gud in his studies he never neglect his studies he
is loved by teachers and honest he never lies is one of the
lavable frnd of mine,,,n he has well maintained n
imprressive personality. l pround to be frnd like him...

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Answer / yasdani

the person who will be with us like a shadow in happiness &
saddness always...

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Answer / fahad khan

my best is like an mirror whenever i am going to do some thing wrong at that time he used to teach me in a better way and when i am sad he should be like a shadow 
who never live me always support me 

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Answer / ravi shekhar

Best friend means who stand in every condition,who can
understand your feeling..who can fight for you to any one..

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Answer / shanthi

friend is one who cant live without you....nd cares you more than a lover,help u ,fight with you,nd make u feel dat u cant live without her

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Answer / padma

"Her ek friend jaroori hai yaar!" which ad has this line is
the best friend.

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Answer / padma


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