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What is Usability and Feasibility Testing??

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What is Usability and Feasibility Testing??..

Answer / sandy@..

Usability Testing how a user is comfortable use the system
interms of GUI (such as text size, font,graphical
orientaion of object etc..),Functionlaity wise,performance
wise (hw fast system perform any function)

Feasbility Testing :when requiremnts comes that
time PM,Business analysts and some senior people of project
verifing the requiremnt whether that is feasible enough to
adopt this requiremnt or not thy are doing analyys and some
experiment.if feasibility pass then only design ,coding and
testing activity is started thereafter.
ex:if clint says in 1 ltr bottle(assume normal size) he
needs 5ltr water then whether it can be possible or not
that wil be verify by feasibility test only..


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What is Usability and Feasibility Testing??..

Answer / nilanjan saha

Usability Testing helps us to find that the product under
test user found it comfortable to use. It is a kind of
Non-functional testing.

Where as Feasibility testing is a step to analyze whatever
requirement and resource ,budget we have it will be feasible
to advance with that or not.If found feasible then after we
should proceed else change in requirement needed.

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What is Usability and Feasibility Testing??..

Answer / sitam jana


Usability testing is a testing process which involves testing
of usability of the users in using the system. This is
basically a non-functionality testing which ensures whether
user is feeling comfortable enough in using the system under

Feasibility testing is also a testing process which mainly
checks the feasibility of the proposed system to be developed
by testing the feasibility study document.

Thanks and regards

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