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What is endurance testing?

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What is endurance testing?..

Answer / harish..

Studying the memory leak of a server under stability period
is called endurance testing..(A memory leak occurs when the
memory allocated to objects are not being freed by the
application, and hence the system memory continues to be
used up when the application is run over a prolonged period
of time, until the point at which it breaks down due to
lack of memory...)

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What is endurance testing?..

Answer / mahendra

Execution of our s/w under customer expected configuration and continuous load longtime to estimate durability is called endurance testing or durability testing or languity tesing

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What is endurance testing?..

Answer / vsk309

Endurance testing involves examining a system while it
withstands a huge load for a long period of time, and
measuring the system's reaction parameters under such
conditions. Performance quality may also be tested to make
sure that both the result and the reaction times - after a
defined long period of continuous load - are degraded no
more than a certain specified percentage from their values
at the beginning of the test.

For instance, in program testing, a system may perform
exactly as anticipated when tested for one day. However,
when it is tested for three days, hardware resource issues,
such as a memory shortage, can cause the system to crash or
function improperly.

In the field of software, endurance testing may involve
testing the operating system and the computer hardware up to
or above their maximum ratings for a long period of time.
Some companies may endurance test a software package for up
to a year, while also applying external loads such as
Internet traffic or user actions.

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What is endurance testing?..

Answer / utkarsh

There are two kinds of performance testing-
Load testing
Stress testing

First is aimed at observing and analyzing the application behaviour under different load conditions. Observation is the main criterion here.
Second one is to identify at what levels of load the application breaks or shows a considerable performance degradation. This is more destructive compared to Load Testing.

Endurance testing should fall into the second category, as to decide the endurance levels of the system. In other words, till what levels the system can endure stress/strain and at what points it breaks down.

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What is endurance testing?..

Answer / murali kishore

- This is also called SOAK testing
- During this test, the test engineers are validating
whether the the s/w build is running on customer expected
configuration and continuous customer expected load TO

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What is endurance testing?..

Answer / suneel reddy

Endurance testing is nothing but Security Testing
Testing how well system provides security against
unauthorized internal or external access

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