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1. how to pass TDS entry in tally
2. how to pass service tax entry in tally
3. how to pass depreciation entry in tally
4. what is percentage in TDS and service tax

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if we have charged vat @ 5% instead of 4% ,how can we rectify that invoice ?we have already send that invoice to our client and we have received that payment also .Invoice Dated 25/01/2010 Kindly advice on that .........

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what are accounting standards

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what is difference between trail balance and balance sheet

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How to create report of t code f-02 in SAP FI?

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who issues the accounting standards?

4 Answers   ABC,

Tell me what is the difference between accumulated depreciation and depreciation expense?

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We bought some machines from Singapore (capital goods), payment made in rupees. but the invoice value is mentioned as USD. 1. party ledger shows (debit side) amount in rupees. now i need to make purchase entry. 2. shall i want to convert USD to rupees? 3. if i do like that the party ledger will be differ.. 4. somebody pls tell me the way to make purchase entry.

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what is meant by banling reconcillation statement?

1 Answers   Genpact,

investment in share in which account

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how will be the entry of outstanding salaries in receipt & payment account, income & expenditure & balance sheet

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What's the VAT percentage?

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using examples, examine the relevance of the following as final accouting adjustments; 1.reserves 2.provisions 3.disposal of assets 4.control accounts

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