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How to retrieve particular cell data in excel sheet ?without importing method.

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How to retrieve particular cell data in excel sheet ?without importing method...

Answer / uday

The Question is to retrieve a cell value from Excel sheet.

The method which does this is:

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How to retrieve particular cell data in excel sheet ?without importing method...

Answer / pravati

set excel=createobject("excel.application")
excel.application.visible=true"path of the excelsheet")
set mysheet=excel.activeworkbook.worksheets("sheet name")
value=mysheet.cells(row no,colmn no).value
msgbox value

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How to retrieve particular cell data in excel sheet ?without importing method...

Answer / ram.polavarapu

'count the number of colums
'count the number of rows


for i=1 to rc
for j=1 to cc

'to retrieve all data from excel sheet
print n

'for example we need to retrieve from 2-row 5-colum
print m

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