What is your salary expectation

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What is your salary expectation..

Answer / gail

As a fresher i would go with the company's pay structure.
if you are experienced, you can negotiate accordingly

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What is your salary expectation..

Answer / srikanth

As a fresher i would expect the salary according to the
company standards.

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What is your salary expectation..

Answer / zakir hussain

Experienced Candidate .:

i had been drawing a Take home salary of Rs . PA . I am
here to join your company for the Reason that i am looking
for better fincancial incentive , i would be glad that
the company provides me a package which would be as per the
industry norms and with a glimpse of my work expertise in
the past .

Thanks and Regards
zakir_hussain 1@yahoo.com

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What is your salary expectation..

Answer / sumit raju

salary do not bar as this is my begening & learning stage
in BPO, so i donot expect my salary... At first I want o
proove my self with my assests...so salary comes as second

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What is your salary expectation..

Answer / sinoy xavier

What is your current Salary?
I am paid well and in line with job market conditions. I
would welcome to give a chance to discuss my compensation
and salary verification later in the process when we've
decided I'm the right person for this opportunity

How much is your expectations in SALARY?
Regarding salary, I would rather not give you a specific
number right now. I'm very interested in this position, and
I expect that you will make me the best offer you are
comfortable with at the right time

When considering a position, several factors are
important to me. Salary is only one factor, but not the
most important. More important factors include quality of
the position, growth opportunities, quality of the people I
work with, company culture, and location.

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What is your salary expectation..

Answer / laiza

its depend upon company's compensation sir..


iam ready to consider your very best offer sir/madam

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What is your salary expectation..

Answer / udaysagar

i'll work to the best of my ability and total satisfaction
of my seniors . about my salary, its up to the companys
policies. i think u are the best judge to decide about my
salary pacage

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What is your salary expectation..

Answer / ankur thakral

In my openion it is my first job in the BPO sector so i
think it is depend on the company to select good salary for
me.but if campany ask to me about my expectation so i think
it is near about 10,000 Rs per month.

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What is your salary expectation..

Answer / mridula singh

i agree to the company policies,i think u r best judge to
decide about my salary package.

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What is your salary expectation..

Answer / bspkumar

Say like this .
Suppose u are expecting 9000,then say ,

"accortding to my knowlege BPO companies are offering 9000 -
13000 depends upon the job responsibilities and candidate
skills .As i am a fresher u can rate me on the scale of
9k-13k based on my skills and my job responsibilities."

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