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How to make payment for single invoice and multiple invoices

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I am confused with Capital Account and Drawings Account. Please show me "the general Journal Entries" and "Owner's Equity in Balance Sheet". (1) The owner increased his investment in the company by $10,000. (2) The owner increased his investment in the company by $10,000.

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WE have paid two month Advance salary on dated 03 June 2010. What will be journal entry inthe month of june for advance payment. And what will be journal entry in the month of july and August for salary adjustment.

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what diff. between huf and individual?

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contents of an invoice receipt? difference b/w statutory audit & internal audit? Where the bank book and the cash book will not reconcile? difference b/w income & expenditure a/c & p/l a/c? what is ERP? what is full form & the application of SAP? Why income statement prepared? What are the reasons where Balance sheet will not tally? How do you calculated Closing stock in the trading a/c? When will the cash book have a Credit balance? Why do you prepare p/l appropriation a/c? What are the 4 difference b/w public and private company? What do you mean by Contingent liability? Explain: Accrual Concept 1. Realisation concept? 2. Accounting concept?

0 Answers   Ankur Drugs Pharma, Infosys, RR Donnelley,

What is journal entry for salary paid less deductions (e.g. fines for breaking a company's property)?

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What is peach tree accounting?

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RPC Ltd. follows the written down value method of depreciating machinery year after year due to (a) Comparability. (b) Convenience. (c) Consistency. (d) All of the above

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Tell me under the accrual basis of accounting, when revenues are reported in the accounting period?

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What is the journal entry for Prepaid expenses?

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what is the journal entry for cheque dishonour

16 Answers   Bank Of America, CTS, Oriental Bank Of Commerce,


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