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How to create a liability for Service Tax in SAP

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expenses incurred in the formation of the company are show in : 1)debit side in the profit and loss a/c 2)as an assets in balance sheet 3) as an liabiliies in balance sheet 4) credit side in profit and loss a/c

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What are the different accounting entries generated in PP cycle.

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If We Paid 15000/- For Advertising Exp To XYZ Co,What IS The Entry And In which Ledger It Entered? Is It Necessanry To Make 2nd Entry? Plz Discribe All.

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examole of cash to cash contra entry

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If a builders work is incomplete.Then what entry will be passed by him on closing of accounting year i.e 31st march In P&L A/c and Balance sheet

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Explain what is account receivable?

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What are the types of Invoice Matching in AP

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swagat staryed business on 1st jan 2005 with cash on hand Rs. 10000

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what is the difference b/w provision for baddebts,reserve for baddebts? pls explain me with example

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what is average due date ?

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What do u mean by Vouching? What is Vouching?

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give me some simple examples of personal account, real account, nominal account

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