structure of an incident report is covered in stand for
software test document IEEE 829 and is called as?

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Hi, Anybody can explain me What is the Difference between 2- tier and 3-tier Architecture.

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What are the qualites should tester have?

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Beyond the customary advantages of having a testing group, what are the benefits does a company receive from a well run, automated testing group?

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What are the validation check u generaly do in a Banking log-in form in security point of view..?

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How u can do regration testing/retesting testing, after assign bug to devloper, how to manage the test cycle number and built number, plz tell me....

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Wat type of questions ll be asked in interview for an 1-2 yrs. experinced persond and i need some database concept question in testing.

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write negative scenarios for date given in the format dd/mm/yy

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self join query in sql. 15 objective questions. What is equi join and outer join

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If you were given full powers how are you going to change the complete QA process in your company

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Hi, Can anyone send me the interview questions & answer for 1+ year of experience in manual testing

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What is the difference between system testing and regression testing?

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